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  • Last Updated 15th Jul 2024

Best Campgrounds Near Coeur D'alene ID

Looking To Go Camping Near Coeur D'alene Idaho?

Within two hours drive of Coeur D'alene in Idaho you have access to different campgrounds to stay in whether staying for 1 or 14 nights.. There are many outdoor attraction such as mountain parks not too far away you can enjoy too. Here are the nearest campgrounds a short drive away to start your outoor adventure

Coeur D'alene Camping Weather Conditions

Idaho is the is the fortieth hottest state with an average temperature of 44F meaning you can head out early spring to late autumn. So if camping near Coeur D'alene in the Winter and Spring months come prepared for those chiller days and even chillier nights. The current temperature is 0 feeling like F with the wind gusting at 0 MPH

Outdoor Air Quality Report For Coeur D'alene ID

We love the outdoors right? Fealing that intake of clean fresh air removes the worrys and stress of life. The current EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) air quality indications today for Coeur D'alene is 0. The scale goes from 0 to 5 with 0 indicating the best air conditions and 5 the very worst air conditions.

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